Ayyy new mini-blog / tumblr: Conor.club

The other day I linked to an article about habits vs goals, and one of the habits I’m trying to build is to add 2 domains a day to my portfolio.

My GOAL is to own over 500 domains by the end of the year (currently at around 200), and I’ve been waiting to start buying until I had my money right. But even if I’m broke, there’s got to be something I can register which is worth more than I paid for it, at almost any given time, right?

There is. I just have to dig. And trust myself.

I stated a few posts back that I want to spend $50 a day on domains, well, I can start by spending under $20 a day on domains…and eat rice and beans and whatnot.

More domains will = more sales which will = me being able to work on the stuff that I really want to work on.

One of my grabs last week was Conor.club for 99 cents. It had JUST dropped. I love Conor McGregor and I knew the Floyd fight was probably going to happen, so why not? First name domains are definitely worth more than $1, anyway.

So I built this little mini-site on tumblr. Will it last past the fight? I don’t know. Will it make me any money? I don’t know. But it’s a low risk bet and I get to test a bunch of ideas.

One of my other buys last week was FightHaus.com.

If Conor.club gets a bunch of followers, I can be like, “hey guys, check out my MMA site…”

Or I can make it an eSports site covering fighting games.

I haven’t decided yet.

But this habit is already paying off. Neither of these things would be happening if I didn’t decide to start buying 2 names a day.

And maybe I will actually hit my goal of 500 names this year, too.

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