July Domain Sale Preview


Finally launching a new theme for NameVantage.com tomorrow (very late, I know…but i kept learning new things. there’s already a NEXT theme in the works) and we’re going to have a week of blowout sales so I can hire someone to help me with that, and also pay 2 writers to help me with two other sites I’m trying to launch.

If you know anyone that is launching anything soon who needs a great domain or brand, I think these are all insane bang for the buck:

Mosh.co – $5000
Impactsy.com – $3000
Socialriff.com – $2000
Startupista.com – $2000
BitcoinCollective.com – $1500
Sidnia.com – $1500
Trax.co – $1500
Podpreneur.com + Podpreneurs.com for $1500
VRLSD.com – $499
Kotgi.com – $499
OhNoir.com – $399
Gifgy.com – $399
STFU.co – $399
RCRD.club – $299
Maad.co – $299
Coconut.me – $299
Audiobooks.me – $199
Patsy.co – $199
Bokeh.info – $99
Afterparty.info – $99
Gamers4k.com – $99
Zagru.com – $99

I’m going to end up using tech.haus as my main email and company site. I just want to be the guy that uses a weird new gtld that nobody knows about for the case study about new gtlds.  🙂

Anyway, email me at [email protected] or [email protected] if you see anything you want. Also, if you just want to talk to someone about naming ANYTHING, hit me up.



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