How to delete all of your tweets (for only $6.99 paypal lol)

Up until last week, I used to follow about 1250 people on twitter. I’ve narrowed it down to about 650. (It feels mostly the same. i wish I could get down to 450)

I’m into a lot of stuff, and you want to follow the best people in every niche!

Well, when it comes to tech, startup, venture capital, etc. news, I found one source that gives me 90% of what I want. There’s this entrepreneur / investor named Mike Dudas (@mdudas) who seems to curate the sources that I used to follow (on twitter, feedly, email lists) and has really made my life a lot simpler. I wish I could find the Mike Dudas of everything that I’m interested in!

A few weeks ago I noticed he only had a few hundred tweets.

I was like, “what’s up with this?”

He replied that he likes to delete his timeline often and that he sees twitter more as a temporary sharing platform (paraphrasing).


Now, I’ve tried tweet deleters before, and they’ve kind of sucked in different ways. Limits, they post on your timeline…look part of the problem is twitter’s api. They only allow(ed?) access to 3200 tweets at a time, I believe.

But he told me he uses They immediately followed me on twitter after his tweet haha (@tweeteraser). So I felt compelled to at least check them out.

So I logged in, and deleted 5000 tweets (that’s all you can do with the free version).

Tonight, I’m finishing the job. I paid $6.99 for the middle plan (not exactly sure what the differences are), I downloaded my twitter archives (only 6.5mb), uploaded to their site, and began deleting the tweets 3200 at a time (you can do them all in one swoop, too).

I don’t know how to use the filters. I actually REALLY liked my Trump tweets from 2015 and 2016. I felt I nailed a lot of thing that were going to happen. I was constantly pointing out how the press keeps giving him momentum when they think they aren’t and how he is going to win if they keep it up. (leading up the election, that is. It’s hard to say he’s had ANY wins since. Sad. Also, just to be clear, I’m a progressive. And didn’t vote. And if the election was today and a do-over, I would probably vote for Jill Stein).

But I lost those political tweets. I couldn’t figure out if I could/how to save them within their interface, and I’m impatient, really.

Oh well.

I’m not exactly sure why I think it’s a good idea to erase all of my tweets, but reinvention is fun. I can experiment with some new styles.

You can also set up TweetEraser to delete your tweets on a timer automatically, and keep flushing your account – not doing that right now.

When I deleted the initial 5000, I realized that twitter has a lot of bug and some weird tweets stuck around, unable to be deleted. Also, some RT’s tend to get stuck and remain on your timeline and you can’t un-RT them. It’s not perfect. But what is.

UPDATED (August 4th):

Confirmed! Trust me, it’s just a cosmetic weird bug. It felt great to get down to “zero”, or as close as twitter lets you get to it.

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