I love Soundcloud and Youtube

and they both seem to be fucking over their creative classes and the fans that support them.

I love both of these sites because anyone can upload anything and create a following for themselves. Also, up until recently, the ads have been generally non-intrusive and benign. Both also seemed to promote and work with talent that has developed on their platform to push them further and help them grow.

On Youtube (probably accounts for 40% of my leisure entertainment consumption, equal with twitter): PewDiePie, H3H3Productions, and dozens of others that I don’t want to promote in any way are talking about these issues. Youtube demonetizing, unsubscribing, not promoting, etc.

PewDiePie is essentially the Conor McGregor of independent Youtube creators. If shit is effecting him negatively and he can’t get answers from Youtube, I can only imagine how others are feeling down the line.

As a fan, I’m sick of this shit. Their videos don’t show up on my front page as much as a lot stuff like tech reviews of cell phones, which probably get some much juicier ads from Intel, etc. on the videos. Of course Youtube is going to promote videos with higher CPMs! Who is going to advertise on an h3h3productions video? (Also, if your brand aligns with their humor and sensibilities, you should go try to buy ad inventory and support them if you run a company!).

There’s also a “trending” page which is obviously either curated to keep indie youtubers off or everything is paid for. Either way, wtf, dawg, youtube.

I guess you could argue that this is an interesting storyline. Watching these creators fight against the secret actions of the platform, but their incomes and content are being directly affected. I disagree. It’s not better than the videos they would be making otherwise. The only positive outcome I can see is solidifying a deeper relationship with their audiences. I’m invested in this enough to write about it!

BTW, I used to pay for Youtube Red and I may again. I never watched any of their original programming that they created for Youtube Red, but I believe i save at least 20-30 minutes a month in time that I would have spent watching advertisements from things I generally don’t want in my life. I’ve also seen some financial figures and Youtube Red income certainly wasn’t insignificant for, at least, SOME creators.

On Soundcloud (probably 20% of my entertainment consumption, but since it’s audio, it can overlap with working or reading something): Soundcloud has been my #2 streaming content service behind Youtube for a while now. I liked following the rise of crews like Soulection and Team Supreme, etc. a few years back. The sounds became pretty derivative after a while, maybe, but just like youtube, anybody could upload anything and it could blast off.

Also, their embeds worked awesome with other blog formats. It’s always been annoying to embed music. Now we had a solution.

So what’s my problem? Well, Spotify are buying them or something. I don’t know where this stands.

And until Today, i’ve been bombarded with ads lately! If I’m listening to Vince Staples, do I want to hear an ad for Recode’s podcast pitched by Kara Swisher herself? Soundcloud used to be about vibes or whatever and that is a vibe killer. And the other commercials are stuff like Guitar Center (i’m listening to electronic music) and Tunecore (company for artists to upload music to itunes, etc…but i’m LISTENING, don’t pitch to me as an artist!. Ads on soundcloud suckkkkkk….

But they are hurting financially and like I said, they are probably going to have to be sold to someone.

So I’ve been complaining about all of these damn Soundcloud ads, and I got this popup when  I started the app:


$1 for 3 months for Soundcloud Go. It’s basically their version of Spotify, I guess. No ads, plus 135M tracks, etc. But will artists get paid well? Who? How? At least on Youtube we know the people we’re watching ARE being supported. They CAN make a living. Can they on Soundcloud? Is that part of the plan?

I signed up. Soundcloud is going to be my primary music service for those 3 months. I want to use the service that puts indie artists on the same feeds as the biggest artists.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons that I love(d) Youtube and Soundcloud. Their “feeds” were still pure. Whatever I subscribed and followed, that’s what I got. Anyone has a shot when that’s how the playing field is set up.

Soundcloud and Youtube have launched all of these little microgenres in music and video that are a part of my life in some way. I’m attached and I love them both and want them to survive and thrive as platforms for creation.


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