Straight up, only time blocking works.

Take a block of time. Do the thing in that block. Schedule everything. Stick to the schedule. Bam. Productivity

Some people were never taught to time block. Some people were never taught to deal with dopamine dumps being caused by social media notifications, etc. Those are just two possible roads to failure. I’m just overcoming these things in my late 30’s, personally.

You know I’m doing a video about my time blocking at some point, but especially in the past week, I’ve realized it is the only way for me to get anything done.

I blogged about pomodoro a few weeks ago, a technique where you work for 25 minutes and then break for 5, with use of a timer. This is probably the second best method, if you can get yourself to follow it. Basically, if you can’t block out 2-3 hours, at least you are blocking out 25. Will your way through those 25 minutes. Fight the resistance until you don’t even notice it anymore.

But there is a lot more to productivity than what method you choose to use to get stuff done.

The Secret To Limitless Motivation Lies In Self-Validation

Read that link. I find it to be 100% true. I’ve read and tried to implement almost every productivity technique that I’ve come across over the years, and until I changed fundamental things about my mindset, self-worth, way I view feedback from others, etc… nothing worked.

So for years when people have been asking me “what are you up to lately?”, it has been years of doing that + mindfulness + being deliberate in what and how I am doing things + honest self-assessments.

Still working on the complete formula.



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