Recent Domain Pickups

I have a lot of shit to update the world about, but that is for another post.

For now, here’s a quick list of domainsĀ I just bought in the past week. It feels good, because I’ve been selling for most of 2016 and barely buying. I went from maybe 500 domains to less than 200 in the past 18 months.

This is just a mixed bag, no theme. I grabbed anything I could make money on just to get a stack going into 2017, and to launch my new site with a little more inventory.

The List:

I know there will be more opportunities (probably this weekend) to grow my portfolio a little bit.

Most of these were registered originally between the years 2000-2005 and haven’t been listed on any of the major domain marketplaces before, and a few are upgrades for several businesses operating on “worse” versions of the domain. I have to take time to price them after 1 or 2 sell.

Any questions/comments about any of the choices, I’d love to discuss.



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