Spent the morning thinking about competitors

This morning @hitenshah, who literally has like 99% useful tweets, seemingly tweeted out a link to his email list email accidentally, and i clicked on it and read this awesome post about how he does competitor research. It got me thinking of all of these ways I DON’T do research, and what tools are at my disposal to do the types of research I need to on the companies that I am in competition with.

He searched Quora, for example. I might have to search certain other communities. It really just got me thinking about new possibilities, and also new things to include for any clients when I do consulting jobs. I definitely will have a lot more to offer in this department now and I’m excited to help myself, and both old and new clients make better decisions and make more money. So I highly recommend following him if you’re into building a product, marketing, and growth, etc. Again, Hiten Shah has one of the few twitter accounts where almost every tweet plants a new seed I need in my head to execute what I’m trying to do. Very impactful stuff, for me, at least.

Then I read “Friday Q&A: Stealing Your Competition’s Customers“, by Alex Turnbull at Groove. This is something that has been on my mind lately. How aggressively should i campaign against my competitors. I think the examples he shows with great seo’d pages showing the comparisons is perfect. I can definitely do that with the marketplaces that I’m going after with NameVantage. The big difference to me is the business model – i will show how our’s is better for both the buyer and seller.  But i love some of them as people, and it’s going to be tough to go for their throats. But I gotta pay the bills. So yeah, I’m coming out guns blazing.

Competitor research + competitor battle = result incoming.

Tip of the day: A clipboard manager will save your ass. I forgot that I have it set up that taking screenshots added it immediately to my clipboard, when I was about to copy and paste a bunch of code. I was like “Nooooooo!”, thinking I had lost the code and had to start over (second tip: paste first. then save. then delete.). But I have a clipboard manager! I use Jumpcut which is FREE and OLD. But it saved my ass. I could go back and check the last x number of items that were previously on my clipboard ready to be pasted.

Does anyone recommend anything else to check out for this purpose that has some other must-have features? Curious.


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