Still Grinding Away. Still Finding Places Where I Need To Level Up.


I’m exhausted. Again. Here’s a video I made this morning about some of the changes to this blog, some ideas of where I could go in the future, and a shout out a really great book called “Designing the Editorial Experience: A Primer For Print, Web, and Mobile” (Amazon affiliate link), and take a quick look at the bizarre, but great, fact that people are selling emoji .ws domains.

The blog has already actually changed so much since this morning. I wonder if anyone can/will notice the changes. Every day when I look at where I was the day before, I want to puke. lol

This is kind of the wordpress bootcamp I’m putting myself through:


Learning everything there is to know about Advanced Custom Fields before I pass out. Probably about 2 hours of tinkering, video watching, and looking at the docs. I just want to be a master at making my life easier with this plugin. In the video alone there are two uses for it that I can spot and hopefully I can implement them rather quickly in the next day or two.

Next Up Not 100% Sure What the Order Is

I really need to dive into Woocommerce 3.0 and know it inside and out. I’m still on 2.x on all of my e-commerce sites. A few years back in Brooklyn, I had a roommate named Emily that was a trend forecaster, and she was psyched that I wanted to hear all about women’s fashion e-commerce sites and magazine ads. I really wish she was still in my life right now. When people collaborate with me or hire me for consulting, I want to be great at bending Woocommerce to my will and never having to compromise on the goals of the project. Integration with current Joints WP and Foundation (as well as the upcoming Beta JointsWP 5) will be something I spend some time on (and expect some videos from me on the subject).

I need to start using SVG in my design. I think I’m going to spend my literal last $11 on Practical SVG by Chris Coyier. I learned SASS from an A Book Apart book, so I trust their brand. And I actually learned about Advanced Custom Fields and a ton of other stuff from Chris Coyier. He had this paid section on his site where he built a site for his musician friend and it was really helpful for me at the time. Well worth the $20 a month I spent. But as far as using SVG goes, I want to implement a system of icons on my domain shop for the different categories (which I’m calling “collections”). On one hand, the icons is a major part of the navigation and design of the site, but on the other hand, they can still probably wait a bit. Tough call, but I need to get nasty at using SVG images in my designs. Sprites? Icons? Scaling graphics that stay perfectly sharp?

I need to either learn Contact Form 7 inside and out or buy and learn Gravity Forms (probably the more “pro” option, but do I need to spend the money right now? Will Contact Form 7 be good enough? Is there a new contact form plugin on the block that I should just learn?). Gravity Forms is not cheap, but it seems like pros swear by it.

I just fixed about 5 things on the blog while I was working on this post. The typography is coming a long way. I’m still not sold on my font combination and probably should use a different body font that is more modern, lol, but it is just sooo damn readable. But it doesn’t really match. Fuck.

Ok, I also need to do some hardcore comparisons between Stripe and Braintree / Paypal. Security settings being a major things I’m looking at.

I need to get on version control for a lot of my new projects (GIT. Probably Beanstalk app?).

Oh yeah, one of my goals for the month was to learn Mailchimp inside and out and I still haven’t done that. I just remembered there is a Zurb Foundation for Emails! I wonder… (btw – when I lived in LA i saw an ad on craiglist for someone to design html emails for Dollar Shave Club – they were headquartered in Venice. I think the pay was $65k+ benefits. I suspect someone who is GREAT at automated email marketing and designing emails, possibly through the use of a framework like Foundation, could probably make more than $65k).

That’s a lot of shit, right?

Next week is going to be brutal here, btw. 89 degrees on Tuesday. It gets insanely hot in my apartment. So another reason to grind until then!

“The kids better buy my rookie card now, cause after this year it ain’t comin’ down.”

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