Weekend Read / Watch (June 9, 2017)

WATCH + LISTEN: The Peter Rosenberg Interview – No Jumper

Yes, this is one hour and 40 minutes.

Adam22 = doing his thing. So many lessons to take away from his work. And once again he shows that he can hold his own with one of the pioneers in the rap interview/podcast space. Oh, and two white guys talking about how to exist within this black culture and how to document the artform from that perspective.

I don’t know if this interview is for everyone, but if you care about podcasts, hip hop culture, the media business, etc., there are a lot of nuggets in here.

And this podcast reminded me of something I always forget: James Murdock (Rupert’s son) helped funk Rawkus Records! Yeah, the most “hip-hop” label of the 90’s was started by rich white bros.

I mostly only listen to podcasts on Youtube Red now. Weird. Upload your podcasts to Youtube!

ESPORTS BLOGGING READ – Taking a page out of the SB Nation playbook, Polygon spins up 3 esports sites around individual games by Neiman Labs

This post confirms a lot of ideas I’ve been having about super niche sites and also this tweet thread is essential to breaking down what Vox is doing here.

I bought FightHaus.com early on Weds, and I’m still considering if it should be a combat sports blog or a fighting game esports blog (or something else).

VOX is still the enemy, tho. I just want to declare that publicly. But I will take their money for FightHaus if they want to buy it.


Habits vs Goals : A Look at the Benefits of a Systematic Approach to Life by Farnam Street Blog

11 everyday skills that will make you more successful over time on Business Insider

How To Date a Woman With ADHD on Vice (other than the messy room and woman part, this is about me. no diss to anyone i ever dated that actually has been diagnosed with ADHD, btw. Not sure who reads this.)



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