Learning about John Fante

I was listening to James Altucher interview Ryan Holiday (haven’t listend to James in a while – he’s become a way better interviewer!), and the both mentioned their love of John Fante and how they found out about him because Bukowski called him an inspiration.

I bought “Ask the Dust”.

I want to check out the film “Sad Flowers In the Sand.” (link to pbs info about the film).

I don’t know, I assume most people that will read this are more cultured than me – what else should i check out?

Btw, James once recommended this book on a podcast that I really loved – “Jesus’ Son” by Denis Johnson. I just realized that I haven’t read this since 2014! I’m going to reread it, too. It’s short stories and a short book, and the writing is amazing.

Anyway, that’s the content I’m consuming over the next couple of days. Other than jiu-jitsu videos. 🙂


(all amazon links are affiliate in this post just because why not. i have to see if it actually helps me or not. but i would’ve written the same post without them. this little disclaimer is partly me just working out in real time how i feel about monetization methods, in general. anyway, if you want to check out these books, click the links and help a dude out.)

Ps. This is post 1 in a new category on here called “Books”. The only previous category used on this blog was “blah blah”, which should be ignored (even though I will continue to make “blah blah” posts. Ignore those, too).

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