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beginner python

Been meaning to start automating domain stuff a lot more.. Also, here is a script I found on Namepros. I don’t have time to watch this right now because i’m doing css stuff, but it’s on my list of things to do before the month is over.

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$850 computer part haul… ugh

Ok, so I’ve been a negotiating monster lately, and I came across a listing last night where I knew I could get a bundle deal…and once the deal was together, I knew I had to grab it and build my “dream pc” that should be a powerhouse well into 2019! Samsung 850 Evo 2TB SSD… Read more »

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I have to reinstall Windows

Lots of issues with video card installations lately, and I just want to start from scratch. I HATE Windows. Ideally. I’d be able to edit videos in Linux (maybe someday with Davinci Resolve), but I need a working copy of Windows for now I guess fml. Ok, making a list to myself for stuff to… Read more »

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