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Zac Gordon – WooCommerce Theme Development WooConf Talk Notes

Youtube recommended this Zac Gordon video at WooConf in Seattle. Awesome video! And actually a great litmus test to see if you really get the file structure and basic hooks and filters that you may commonly encounter when theme’ing woocommerce…what makes it a good litmus test? They didn’t record the screen! Can you follow along… Read more »

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The Way To Design by Steve Vassallo

Sometimes free design books are as good as the paid ones.

When I find resources that I think can help me and my imaginary readers, I gotta share. After reading two excerpts from this book, I think it is worth downloading and adding to my queue.

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Learning about John Fante

I was listening to James Altucher interview Ryan Holiday (haven’t listend to James in a while – he’s become a way better interviewer!), and the both mentioned their love of John Fante and how they found out about him because Bukowski called him an inspiration. I bought “Ask the Dust”. I want to check out… Read more »

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