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Still don’t know how to use Mailchimp…

I’m about 6 weeks behind on the thing I wanted to learn

Blasted through a short business book this morning which reminded me that I’m off course. Not a huge deal. Correcting course.

The Foundation 6 docs are so good

Finally, all of this reading is paying off?

The central question of one of my favorite self help books led me down the path of diving deep into Foundation 6’s docs late on a Saturday night. And they are so good!

The Way To Design by Steve Vassallo

Sometimes free design books are as good as the paid ones.

When I find resources that I think can help me and my imaginary readers, I gotta share. After reading two excerpts from this book, I think it is worth downloading and adding to my queue.

Learning about John Fante

I was listening to James Altucher interview Ryan Holiday (haven’t listend to James in a while – he’s become a way better interviewer!), and the both mentioned their love of John Fante and how they found out about him because Bukowski called him an inspiration. I bought “Ask the Dust”. I want to check out… Read more »