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White Belt BJJ: Fuck, my fingers hurt

I can barely make a fist. Typing feels weird. My finger hurts if i bend it this way. But not that way.

I embeded a video by Jiu-Jitsu Youtuber, Chewjitsu, who stresses that you can actually let go of your grip and re-grip. My finger joints look like swollen nubs right now.

White Belt BJJ: Guard attack sequence

We’ve been drilling attacks in class. I might as well study some more attack sequences.

My hip bump gets shut down a lot, so as soon as my opponent bases out next time, I’m going to hit them with some of these attacks and sweeps.

White Belt BJJ: Knee on Belly Position

In class, we were doing a great live drill this week from side control where the far side arm was exposed and we had to secure it and attempt an arm bar.¬†This was my first time doing this type of positional drilling and it was such a wake up call as far as exposing what… Read more »

White Belt BJJ: I’m obsessed with guard retention

Ay, another new blog section. Last week I added “Books”. Today “Jiu-Jitsu”. Next? Both of those are really about self improvement. And learning how to LEARN¬†BETTER. I’ve been a white belt for a month now and I’m working on vlogs to reflect on that time and my goals for the future. But right now, I’m… Read more »