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Putting a strong niche service domain up for sale this weekend. Don't miss the investment opportunity.

Putting a really interested domain up for sale tonight. – $4000.

This industry is booming and seeing explosive growth. For someone looking to start a company, or even just looking to invest in a great name in this niche, do not pass this opportunity up. Think – in roughly a year and half, if the right person is elected president, a lot of people are going to need weed testing!

I moved to Oregon about 3 months after recreational marijuana was legalized. After you make a purchase in a dispensary, they print out a label to put on every container of weed you buy. The label shows where it was tested and when. It usually says the name of the testing company, the date of test, the thc %, and the cbd %. Imagine on that brand line, it said A name like this can quickly become one of the most known and trusted brands in the space.

Just going back through my old domains, I was reminded that I’ve sold 4 with the word “weed” in them since 2015. I have a few “pot” sales, as well. The general consensus is, that words like these may have negative slang connotations still, and that it is preferred to get other words like cannabis, green, leaf, etc.

No disagreement with that general premise, but of course…it depends. There is a very popular service called Weed Maps, for example. There’s also a magazine that I see in almost every Oregon dispensary called Dope. Clearly, it depends on what you do with it, and these names can still be used for widely recognized brands.

Here is a list of some comparable domain sales with the word “weed” in them (sources: +

weedtv.com25,000 USD2014-04-16Uniregistry
weedshops.com18,000 USD2014-05-21GoDaddy
weed.club16,000 USD2015-01NamesCon
weedmagazine.com10,000 USD2019-02-19GoDaddy
weedbase.com9,500 USD2018-03GoDaddy
weedgames.com9,475 USD2018-02-15Uniregistry
weedy.com9,200 USD
weed.blog7,877 USD2017-02-20Sedo
magicweed.com7,000 USD2015-05-15Uniregistry
weed.nyc6,916 USD2014-11SnapNames
smokeweed.com6,600 USD2016-01-27NameJet
weedville.com6,100 USD2015-08-30GoDaddy
weedcentral.com6,000 USD2016-05-31Uniregistry
weed.de5,750 USD2015-09-02Sedo
weedweed.com5,500 USD2019-01-16Sedo
weedtalk.com5,261 USD2018-10-06DropCatch
weedman.com5,100 USD2017-04-15NameJet
weedlawyer.com5,000 USD2017-04-30LegalBrandMarketing
weeduk.com5,000 USD2017-03-30Uniregistry
weedchat.com5,000 USD2016-05-16Uniregistry
weedthc.com4,700 USD2018-11GoDaddy 4,500 USD2015-02-08Uniregistry 4,000 USD2015-02-08Uniregistry
proweed.com3,188 USD2009-04-07Afternic
qualityweed.com3,066 USD2019-03-03GoDaddy
weedfit.com3,000 USD2017-02-06Uniregistry
weedguy.com2,900 USD2014-05-21GoDaddy
weedwars.com2,888 USD2011-08-03Afternic
weedvapes.com2,850 USD2018-11-17GoDaddy
weedtimes.com2,810 USD2018-06-17GoDaddy
weednearme.com2,683 USD2018-12-23GoDaddy
weedonline.com2,650 USD2016-10-26NameJet
wildweed.com2,588 USD2013-06-24Afternic
weedclass.com2,500 USD2019-03-10Afternic
weedypie.com2,500 USD2018-09-05Private
weedspecialist.com2,500 USD2015-06-26BuyDomains
weedlife.com2,500 USD2014-04-23GoDaddy
powerweed.com2,499 USD2016-12-13Sedo
weedfest.com2,300 USD2013-04-29Afternic
weeddepot.com2,200 USD2014-05-06NameJet
weedparty.com2,095 USD2014-02-09Afternic
weedtimes.com2,052 USD2019-06-17GoDaddy
theweedlawyer.com2,000 USD2019-03GoDaddy
veniceweed.com1,900 USD2015-08-10Sedo
tweedehans.be1,829 USD2011-06-29Sedo
theweedguy.com1,795 USD2017-11-13DropCatch
weedbuzz.com1,750 USD2019-05-23GoDaddy

Some of the most recent 2019 sales are,,,,,, and

While weed might not be *the best* word in this industry, you are probably going to pay a lot more for some of the more “desirable” ones, or have to settle for a much less memorable name. Do you want a 3 word domain? There are always tradeoffs, and at this budget/price, this is a strong choice.

The second word “testing”, also has a strong domain sales history. One of the biggest companies you can think of with testing in the name,, is actually ON this list from back in 2006 (and has since raised $48.5 million. whoa!) :

moldtesting.com15,000 USD2013-03-27Uniregistry
testingequipment.com10,000 USD2018-09-14Sedo
stresstesting.com10,000 USD2012-07-04Afternic
examtesting.com9,000 USD2013-04-01Afternic
genetesting.com6,877 USD2011-01-06NameJet
testing.org5,899 USD2017-04-04Flippa
wastertestingkits.com5,750 USD2016-06Uniregistry
gedtesting.com5,555 USD2014-06-30NameJet
muscletesting.com5,500 USD2011-06
pregnancytesting.com5,201 USD2012-07-20NameJet
allergytesting.com5,100 USD2010-03-14NameJet
betatesting.com5,000 USD2018-03-23Uniregistry
asphalttesting.com5,000 USD2010-12-22Afternic
testing.org4,999 USD2015-09-10Flippa
pentesting.com4,500 USD2011-07-13Sedo
testingequipment.com4,300 USD2008-05-13NameJet,835 USD2008-10Afternic
accessibilitytesting.com3,500 USD2015-09-21Uniregistry
manualtesting.com3,488 USD2008-02-05Afternic
onlinetesting.com3,400 USD2008-05-08NameJet
testingkit.com3,176 USD2019-06-28GoDaddy
testing.us3,100 USD2011-01-22Sedo
preemploymenttesting.com3,100 USD2007-01Moniker
textiletesting.com3,088 USD2007-03-20Private
speedtesting.com3,000 USD2009-08-26Afternic
chinatesting.com2,800 USD2012-07-09Afternic
dnatesting.net2,800 USD2006-11-14Afternic
remotetesting.com2,788 USD2012-02-01Afternic
testingcentral.com2,625 USD2017-08-30BuyDomains
americantesting.com2,595 USD2012-09-09Afternic
softwaretesting.com2,522 USD2019-02-28NameJet
fitnesstesting.com2,500 USD2013-01-14Afternic
stdtesting.info2,500 USD2010-07-21Sedo
vibrationtesting.com2,500 USD2007-02-28BuyDomains
usertesting.com2,488 USD2006-10-17Private
voicetesting.com2,288 USD2019-01-04BuyDomains
selftesting.com2,288 USD2007-01-04BuyDomains
electrictesting.com2,188 USD2009-07-22Afternic
developertesting.com2,100 USD2009-11-11NameJet
sporttesting.com2,088 USD2008-11-18Afternic
testingsolutions.net2,000 USD2016-06-28BuyDomains
websitetesting.com2,000 USD2015-07-15SnapNames
genetictesting.net2,000 USD2013-06-17Afternic
testingtraining.com2,000 USD2012-07-18Afternic
techtesting.com2,000 USD2010-01-13Afternic
skillstesting.com2,000 USD2008-07-08Afternic
environmentaltesting.com2,000 USD2007-02-28BuyDomains
truetesting.com1,750 USD2015-07-08BuyDomains
electricaltesting.com1,700 USD2008-05-25NameJet
itesting.com1,650 USD2005-11-23SnapNames
dnatestingcenter.com1,602 USD2012-10-22NameJet
testingexpert.com1,600 USD2015-08-13BuyDomains
asbestostesting.org1,588 USD2010-12-01Afternic
baselinetesting.com1,500 USD2018-09-14BuyDomains

As you can see, a lot of those are actually older sales – a lot of these names for these types of services aren’t hitting the market in 2019. They were aready purchased as investments or business names a long time ago. That’s one reason I foresee being sold quickly.

Also worth noting there are hundreds of private sales of these types of names that go unreported and aren’t on public marketplaces. The two tables above just represent reported sales on a few specified selling platforms.

The name is available for sale, first come, first served. Email me with any questions, including payment options.

Businesses that test the thc and cbd content of marijuana are going to continue to grow as this business expands throughout America and worldwide.