I’m up to 106 domains! August-Early Sept Pickups.

Started at the bottom (37 domains at the end of June) and now I'm here (.co heavy portfolio that needs some build outs).

Listen, I was broke all month. And every time I had a few spare bucks in my paypal account, I did what I could. I sold Coinsurer dot com to another investor and that helped spark some of the expiring purchases. But beyond that, I’ve only had money for mostly hand registrations. (my only splurge for the month was to see Herbie Hancock perform at the zoo – pictured above).



I wrote about this one in July’s pickups, even though I grabbed it on August 1st. I really want to see this built out! If I still have this into 2020, I might do a little Figma course or something, just to force myself to get good enough to actually record a course.

420Spots.com, L***o.com

Trying to add to my marijuana portfolio, grabbed 420Spots for a minimum auction bid and this has obvious usage as a dispensary directory or locator. It’s way back on my list of things to possibly build out.

I was desperate to add anything else to my account that day, so I went through a few old lists of hand registrations, saw L***o available, and felt the urge to jump at another pronounceable 5 letter .com (update while typing: already flipped L***o to another investor).


I keep trying to add WordPress related names that I think I might be able to use someday. This domain was formerly one of those semi-scammy GPL clubs…but if I was to build it out, I’d try to make a Facebook Groups replacement plugin. Folks, get your communities off of sites owned by huge immoral public corporations, imo. Take and keep control.

in .co – BurgerBar, ToolBelt, GreenBurger, WeddingVideo, BeautyUp, Blockbase, NomadHouse

Being that I was/am still way behind on my goal of getting to 200 names by the end of the year, I decided to take advantage of a $2.99 .co deal at name.com. Like I mentioned in my July pickups where I registered 2 .co’s, the registry prices many drops at a $120 premium now, so you really have to go through and find the non-premium names to take advantage of this deal. Overall, I wasn’t mad at this haul.


I bid $1 on this at namepros and won it. Making the most of zero budget!

I am not a .xyz fan. However, it’s like a really nice bitcoin + word combo. Offer me more than $1! I’ll probably take it. 🙂

BoulderPC.com, BustyGal.com, Ecommerce.boutique

It’s suddenly like the end of August, and I’m broke, and realize I didn’t buy ANYTHING this month… I see a $1.99 .com deal at a sketchy registrar…comb the drop list and find BoulderPC. I’m happy with the arbitrage price, but at a good registrar, I can confidently push a domain to a buyer and know they will have a smooth experience with it. At a registrar that does not take user experience into account, or has some restrictive rules or fees, I have to guide a buyer into transferring the domain out to a good registrar. So that’s the downside of saving a few bucks sometimes – more more and more time to complete a deal. However, in most cases, this is negligible, but I know people who have wasted a lot of time, and even lost sales (me twice) by having domains at registrars that were less than user friendly.

The next day I noticed there were $5 registrations (+$1 off coupon) at porkbun – so got a name I was watching at auction a month ago that finally dropped, BustyGal – I think this is great for a body positive women’s brand.

And Ecommerce.boutique was also a name I was watching at expiring auction a few weeks ago – i see this one as a potential landing page for future services that I might offer. When it dropped, I registered quickly. If you check around, you can find great deals on registrations of non-premium newgtld’s (the weird new endings) – however, keep in mind, that usually the renewal price will be significant (compared to ~$9 for a .com at good registrars).

LucidBlocks.com, Dogfluencer.com, Objectifiable.com, OntheSceneCuisine.com

Since in July’s pickup article, I included an August 1st domain, I decided to try to get as many pickups as I could on September 1st, so I could salvage this very article that you’re reading. I checked all of the expiring domain marketplaces, auctions, and drops and tried to do the best I could.

I was ecstatic to see LucidBlocks – a likely candidate for a WordPress Gutenberg plugin (the new block based editor) available to register. Btw – I sold MightyBlocks.com earlier in the year, and it is used for exactly this purpose. This just gives me another possible direction to go in as I consider how to build out a WordPress business.

Dogfluencer – wow. Petfluencer is definitely a thing, this is just more specific. Can’t believe I was able to reg this off the drop!

OnTheSceneCuisine – a 4 worder! It just sounds great for an events or banquet company. Analyzing my portfolio, I have a number of food related domains now. Apparently it’s a niche that interests me, even if I didn’t consciously target it.

I bought objectifiable because of the current domainer obsession with “dictionary words”, and this is certainly in the dictionary, but after spending time with it for a bit, I couldn’t think of a use case, so I sold it for cheap to another domainer.

Unique.company, RestorationClean.com, BudgetVoiceover.com, Instructional.co, Guillotine.co

These were the expiring domain purchases I made on September 1st.

The reason I got unique.company was because I checked namebio for sales starting with “unique”, and I found two that stuck out to me:

uniquecompanies.com1,500 USD2019-04-04BuyDomains
uniqueco.com5,600 USD2018-12-24BuyDomains

Instructional sounds like a great startup one worder name, even in .co

Guillotine – well, guillotines are in the public consciousness right now. It’s also the name of a few companies and drinking spots.

RestorationClean and BudgetVoiceovers just seemed like .com’s that could help businesses market, so i grabbed ’em.

There just wasn’t much more to do with what was available (even though I missed some GEMS), and I was actually quite satisfied with what I pulled together for the month on almost no budget…

But then…

in .co – PeerPay, ZenHome, SocialWeb, IncomeStreams, AiSecurity, FreeYourMind, Akademy, WPDesign, Afterburner, CakeDesign, SignalBoost, Livestreamer, HelloPay, SmartFashion, Learnly, EasyBackups, GoingGreen, HappyWallet, Grillhouse, TeamCloud, AppTeam, Ultrahost

I got an email from Dynadot on September 2nd saying they were doing a .co sale on September 3rd-10th. So, back to learning how to build lists. With the time I had before the sale started, this is the list I was able to grab. I missed a few nice names, but overall, a lot of these would cost $100’s or $1000’s in .com.

But…they are .co. And the cool thing is, a lot of startups use .co! It also gives me a ton of stuff to build out if I want to, because I’m trying to learn as much as I can about web development right now and I need projects to practice and achieve some goals.

(Update before I publish – I’m probably building out HappyWallet and Learnly to work with new WordPress themes and custom post types. If you want me to do a post with little breakdowns of all 22 of these names, let me know – i’ll do it. But they are pretty self expanatory, for the most part.)

in .co – VapeCity, BlueMango, PinkFlamingo, BarberHouse

Domains 99 (vapecity) and 100 (bluemango). I googled Blue Mango and was surprised to see how many companies used this as a brand. So I thought I’d buy this goofy domain as my 100th. A nice token for how goofy my life is right now.


Most domainers I’ve shared this purchase with are perplexed, and most normal people totally like it.

in .co – GreenConstruction, Damnit, AudioDesign, SiteCare

Again, it’s hard to find .co’s that aren’t “premium” to register, and I am quite pleased with this list. AudioDesign is wow – works in so many industries. And SiteCare again gives me an another opportunity for a WordPress related service I can offer, if I want to go down that path.

.co-heavy porfolio

Being that I’m trying to learn web development right now, getting all of these awesome .co brands into my portfolio for only $2.99 each is a blessing. At the end of June I had 37 domains, now I have just so many great paths to take. And if any of them “pop off” (sell), I will pretty much instantly be in the green.

But…I need to add .com’s. Badly. I have less than 40, i believe. I started making lists, daily. And when a .com registration sale is upon us, hopefully I can add another 40 more.

Just counted – and I added 13 .com’s in this pickups, so that’s not terrible. But maybe my goals should be 200 .com’s by the end of the year, and maybe I should view these .co’s as the vehicle to get me the funds to invest in that many .com’s.

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