White Belt BJJ: Follow up to Guard Retention/Preemptive Framing Post

Hope everyone reading had a great weekend! My arms definitely needed rest after the framing I’ve been practicing. I was able to not let my guard be passed at all on Friday, by utilizing frames and a post and hipping out (even a cross collar frame when a guy was right up on me! This is from the preemptive framing video in the last post).

It works. It’s hard. I burnt my arms out, but I’m going to still keep working on that defense. It seems like it is going to be handy if I ever do tournaments and don’t want to let up points. The one problem is that when I reset the guard, if it’s an experienced grappler they just keep on attacking . So yes I’m getting out of a dangerous situation, but I need to pull them into a place where I can rest or have some control. That is the next element to work on.

I can’t wait to train more this week. I think I’ve recruited some partners to drill with me outside of class, too. Let’s see if I can coordinate that.


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