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I feel like I'm on the right path, and hopefully not too far behind. Matt Medeiros

I made some WordPress sites from like 2011-2016 or so, mostly using the techniques I learned from a paid tutorial Chris Coyer had on the css-tricks site where he redid his friends’ music site + what I learned from using the starter theme JointsWP. (I also made websites with a thing called Symantec’s Visual Page from like 2000-2002 maybe, and probably made more money back then, but I digress…)

When Gutenberg came along (and the community rebelled), I knew there would actually be an opportunity, and my interest and WordPress ambitions were sparked again..

I guess I’m just trying to figure out exactly what to do in late 2019. Like, I am trying to get paid ASAP, and build something for mid-term and long-term success, as well.

In “Fear and uncertainty for WordPress, with Matt Medeiros” (Episode 96 of the Post Status Draft Podcast), I feel like Matt touches on the inflection point a bit that made me interested in getting back into WordPress. That Gutenberg opportunity.

I feel like all of my successes have come jumping on a wave during the dip and riding it up. I believe in Gutenberg, even though in most communities I’ve been in, people have been mostly antagonistic towards the new WordPress editor. “Like, why would you use it when this page builder can do all of THIS?”

I’ve never actually used a page builder, btw. When everyone was trying to show me how cool they were, I was like nah, I’ll follow Gutenberg development – and I think my wishes were mostly fulfilled when they announced the different phases and things like a central block cloud installer thing (so you don’t have to install packages of 20 blocks to get that 1 you need).

Mind you, I’m not that good at making blocks or anything yet, but I got some nice domains name for when I am. I’m still learning a lot of WordPress basics, but I can see a clear roadmap ahead of me, and hopefully I can make some money along the way gulp.

Anyway, if you have an hour and 13 minutes to burn (very listenable at 1.2x speed), definitely a mandatory listen to understand the state of the WordPress business.

I hope by November I have some sort of small block project in development.

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