What I’m Up To “Now”

Updated Nov 1st 2019. This page is inspired by nownownow.com)

S’up, people who know me or are curious about me?

Today I’m entering month 2 / week 5 of a “12 Week Year” session (yes, check out that guy’s stache).

I’m currently living in Portland, Oregon, trying to bootstrap my project studio, Tech.Haus, into existence.

If you need a WordPress site or some motion graphics, holler at / email me. I need work and money.

Working with WordPress / BBPress / WooCommerce. Strengthening my PHP skills. Studying and learning DaVinci Fusion, while also slowly learning the rest of Resolve 15. Getting back into Propellerhead Reason after about 11 years of not really making any music.

Just buckling down through these next 8 weeks of the 12 Week Year. Besides work, I’m practicing at least sun salutations daily, but I want to get back into a full Ashtanga yoga practice. Also, spending time with my girlfriend and/or her cats.

Exhibiting neuroticism on Twitter is a daily habit that I need to break, but follow me there anyway.

New Youtube videos being produced.

How can I help?