I want to get a second dwelling in Vegas sometime next year. If you skip to like 12 minutes in – the downtown Vegas stuff and Tony Hsieh stuff – I loved it when I lived there for two weeks back in January.

Stretching / Music

There are like 4 or 5 Youtubers that deliver very solid yoga/yoga-ish routines. Here’s an awesome chest/shoulders/back thing that was just uploaded the other day. Do something like this once or twice a week and then do deep hip stretches once or twice a week. My left shoulder and my left hip used to click… Read more »

Basically, this dude i met in Vegas will text me whenever there is a domain sale, and I’ll scramble and get what I can get. I grabbed these at the end of last month and will put them up for sale officially in January sometime. clubfog.com drjax.com fluidculture.com friendhaus.com gameaddictionrehab.com gameconference.com gamers4k.com gametavern.com hellosprouts.com okglo.com playerconvention.com… Read more »

  All 3 of these are available elsewhere, but they are free on Soundcloud, and since I was ranting about the service yesterday, I thought I’d at least point out some of the great content on there. Now, these are available to anyone on Soundcloud. If you sign up for Soundcloud Go, you get millions… Read more »

and they both seem to be fucking over their creative classes and the fans that support them. I love both of these sites because anyone can upload anything and create a following for themselves. Also, up until recently, the ads have been generally non-intrusive and benign. Both also seemed to promote and work with talent that… Read more »