In the spirit of putting things behind me, I’m dipping into my personal stash of domains for some of my new inventory: I’ve never put these on the market before. The first was basically used as one my business email the past few years. It deserves to be a huge brand. I’m… Read more »

I love Conor

Ariel Helwani posted this video a few weeks ago – from before Conor McGregor blew up and became a worldwide phenomenon – but it’s gone now. Luckily a fan reuploaded up.  

I’ve been meaning to read “Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus“, but there is just too much on my plate to add more books to my reading queue, so I threw this on in the background last night. Yeah, venture capital can be poison to someone who really has a vision for what they want to… Read more »

Recent Domain Pickups

With my domain portfolio getting thin, I try my hand at some cheap hand-registrations. As always, I want to be transparent with my readers and show what I’m up to.

First post! Getting stuck with a .tv domain is making me get back into Youtube, I need to push myself harder, and should I actually build a website on a .haus extension!?