But I’m not going to. Reasons to stop: Nobody is watching. It’s crap content, so why would anybody watch? What if I embarrass myself? Just wasting my time…etc. It took me a minute to adjust my mindset and remember why I started (not for views), and how I’m actually getting the benefits I was looking… Read more »

Last night I went live for 2 and 1/2 hours on Youtube (2 copyright claims for music lol) and got some work done. Yes, I talked to chatters a bit, but I didn’t check twitter or other Youtube videos. That’s sort of the key right there to seeing progress. I got the idea from watching… Read more »

The yoga thing feels ingrained already. It’s a habit. Today I only did sun salutions, basically, after doing some leg workout this morning that wore me out faster than I had expected. I usually try to practice yoga sometime in the mid-day, to split my day and give me an extra energy boost; also, a… Read more »

Yoga streak ended :(

Luckily i landed on my palms and a knee…but going to heal up and chill…aka meditate, for a few days. I JUST started to get a nice steady breath the past few days, too.

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It’s new years’ eve, so i wanted to go easy. I decided to do this sun salutation practice by kino macgregor. Probably the deepest I’ve gone into most of these poses. She’s one of the best teachers and I picked up so many new little details I don’t get from a lot of faster videos.… Read more »

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Whoa. I caught the last two fights of UFC tonight. Respect to Edson Barbosa for being a beast, and so tough, and so prideful. I learned a lot watching him and Holly Holm tonight. Both showed heart and perserverence until the end, in fights where they were up against two tactical masters who happened to… Read more »