Ok this post really is boring.

I spent the morning reading about new ways to research competitors and then thought about how hard I should bring the battle to my competitors when I finally launch. Guns blazing, right? (proverbially. i don’t like guns)


Oh god, what a boring subject.

Just kidding. I’m obsessed with it. According to Rescue Time, last week I was productive for over 9.5 hours a day for the past 7 days. That is nuts.

Another day, another Hackintosh video

Look, if I can’t afford a $1200-$1700 system right now, at least I can see what a system I can afford can do – and surprisingly, it can beat a current 13″ Macbook Pro with Touchbar. Now how can I find a source of cheap stuff to build this with in Oregon?

A blog post about the blog. How fucking meta, bro.

I know, this site is coming along either really quickly or pathetically slow, depending on where you come from. I made a video breaking down the changes from yesterday and maybe you will already notice some new updates as of this posting!

Money has been tight, but that doesn’t stop a bottom feeder, does it?

Here are some of my latest domain grabs. I’m literally working with zero budget here, but still think I made some good pickups for investments, flips and my own brands and buildouts.