It’s weird, since the al-anon meeting, I feel much more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve read a million books and blog posts and tweets that were all “be yourself”, “play to your strengths”, etc., but I was always trying to strive for… something. I don’t know. I have also been listening to the audiobook… Read more »

So I did join a gym, and I did go to Al-Anon, and both have been transformative experiences that I want to continue pursuing. Today was my first “ground” training, and at the end of the class I was put in a guard position and told to keep 3 points of contact on my opponent.… Read more »

2016 was a weird ass year for me. I would not call it a success by any means, but I have a roof over my head and my bills are paid on time. I planned on bigger achievements┬áthis year – emotionally, mentally and financially – but I really can only blame myself for not doing… Read more »

I started working on a tiny little project for y’all and then today I noticed someone already made it. I’m kicking myself but but I realize that, like almost everything else, I can only look inward for someone to blame. Anyway, I haven’t been outside for a few weeks really so my cardio is straight… Read more »

I want to get a second dwelling in Vegas sometime next year. If you skip to like 12 minutes in – the downtown Vegas stuff and Tony Hsieh stuff – I loved it when I lived there for two weeks back in January.

Stretching / Music

There are like 4 or 5 Youtubers that deliver very solid yoga/yoga-ish routines. Here’s an awesome chest/shoulders/back thing that was just uploaded the other day. Do something like this once or twice a week and then do deep hip stretches once or twice a week. My left shoulder and my left hip used to click… Read more »