Sometimes free design books are as good as the paid ones.

When I find resources that I think can help me and my imaginary readers, I gotta share. After reading two excerpts from this book, I think it is worth downloading and adding to my queue.

I can barely make a fist. Typing feels weird. My finger hurts if i bend it this way. But not that way.

I embeded a video by Jiu-Jitsu Youtuber, Chewjitsu, who stresses that you can actually let go of your grip and re-grip. My finger joints look like swollen nubs right now.

We’ve been drilling attacks in class. I might as well study some more attack sequences.

My hip bump gets shut down a lot, so as soon as my opponent bases out next time, I’m going to hit them with some of these attacks and sweeps.

Final Cut Pro X is simply one of the fastest rendering and most responsive NLE’s out there.

But am I fast enough? Hell no. These two quick videos from Ripple Training show you how you can quickly propagate your Youtube tags (something that I actually spend minutes thinking about!) and how to use the new markers better. Simple stuff, but will save me minutes.

Jiu-jitsu keeps teaching me HOW to learn and I thought I should make a quick list of things I might want to check out in the near term. Yes, this could have been a personal journal post or something, but I want to inspire others to make their own lists, too, and to take a step… Read more »

In class, we were doing a great live drill this week from side control where the far side arm was exposed and we had to secure it and attempt an arm bar. This was my first time doing this type of positional drilling and it was such a wake up call as far as exposing what… Read more »

Ay, another new blog section. Last week I added “Books”. Today “Jiu-Jitsu”. Next? Both of those are really about self improvement. And learning how to LEARN BETTER. I’ve been a white belt for a month now and I’m working on vlogs to reflect on that time and my goals for the future. But right now, I’m… Read more »