Still very far from this, but I need to start sharpening my skills and creativity to work on graphics for my shows. Saw this in my Youtube sub box and thought I’d share. Motion is one of my favorite apps.┬áMy brain gets confused with so many image masks.

I had only puked once before after practicing a sport. Some college basketball player that was like 6 inches taller than me and 50 lbs heavier than me kept muscling me down in the post one on one. He would just back into me, basically chuck me to the ground, and then dunk. I lost… Read more »

I’m Vlogging Now

I fired up my OLD Youtube channel to start vlogging, diary style. Some will be edited (so i can practice editing), and some won’t be. Honestly, it’s another one of these things where I’m like “don’t watch yet, i’ll tell you when they’re good.” I just have to hammer away at it until it forms… Read more »

Things take time

After 2 months of jiu jitsu, that’s my biggest takeaway so far. At my orientation interview, I was asked if I had any intention of seeking a black belt. I was really just there for self defense and to dip my feet in the water, so I hadn’t even considered that. “The fastest we’ve ever… Read more »

ask yourself: in what situations do you hesitate to make a decision (to your detriment)? And in what situations do you make decisions too quickly (where you should’ve shown more patience)? I can find clear patterns of both of these types of decision making in my life. Honestly, write this shit down.Now that I’ve defined… Read more »

Ugh. I’ve been liquidating a lot of my domains the past few months to stay afloat while I work on some projects. And my big mistake was selling too cheap by not factoring in how difficult it is to acquire quality names for cheap right now! When I used to check my usual expiring spots,… Read more »

Going back to pomodoro

I could use some extra work discipline so I’m downloading a pomodoro app. Essentially you work for 25 minutes and get a 5 minute break. And then after however many, you take a longer break. I have about 3 or 4 things I wanted to get down this weekend and didn’t get around to them,… Read more »

Spending all of Sunday getting better at Sublime Text, Sass, and Zurb Foundation. For Sublime, I’m going to back to Wes Bos’ Sublime Text Book. I only watched the videos before, tbh. I still feel like I can get way faster at using Sublime, and save myself some time every day. If you want a… Read more »

Had a few small sales this month, and one decent one – Pretty sure I sold that to the Youtuber FouseyTube, who I believe let it expire a few years ago. Got $1888 for it. Paid $29 at an expiring auction on June 19th, 2016. I knew it was a decent 6 letter brand,… Read more »