10 Minutes to get more efficient with Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is awesome right now (which is why I’m obsessed with finishing a hackintosh and NOT switching to Blackmagic). I just have to get better at using it.

Once I get up to speed, I’m thinking my scheduled videos will look like this:

  • Monday – Jiu Jitsu White Belt Vlogs – These will be about bjj and technique, but they will also be about learning how to learn. The goal is to make them interesting and accessible to anyone.
  • Wednesday – Domain video. ? Still not sure on format but I’m about to record a quick screencast just to kick it off. I have a scripted video written and hopefully I can have that done by next Weds.
  • Friday – Internet Business News Roundup – I want to focus on news, updates and trends from around the internet. In my head, this is a very produced show. I might have to be recording segments throughout the week and stitch them together Thursday (with last second additions on Friday morning). Is this a 5 minute video? A 20 minute video?

Anyway, back to Final Cut Pro…if I want to do all of that, plus salt_bae.gif sprinkle in other videos as well, I have to get great at using FCP!

First, I’ve been uploading to Youtube directly from Final Cut, but neglecting to edit the meta data straight from FCP. I would set to upload on private, then when it was done rendering and uploading, I would go into Youtube and fix the title, description, tags, etc. And I RUSH that stuff just to get filled in. Now I can be more thoughtful and consider that part of the editing process, not the barrier that keeps me from hitting publish and letting people watch the thing. Sometimes I just want to publish and get it over with so you can mentally move on to the next thing. Will this make a difference in my life? Barely, but I believe these little efficiencies add up.

This is a MUCH bigger deal…markers.

Markers can help me a lot of I’m doing a produced news show with segments, b-roll, etc.

The best way for me to learn the new stuff is to take notes, and I might as well put the notes HERE, yeah?

Obviously add a marker = M key. We all know this. Tap M key again and it opens the marker to edit it. But you can make a marker and automatically open it by hitting Option+M. When the marker is open, you can change the marker type and add notes. The middle type is a “to-do” marker.

Usually when you hit M, it tries to add a marker to the top connected clip that the playhead is over. So if you want to add the marker to the clip on your primary timeline below a connected clip, for example, hold command and hit down arrow to move down in the timeline to choose the clip you want to add a marker to before you hit M.

Shift + Command + 2 = timeline index (1:25 in video). Use the little icons at the bottom to filter. Click marker ones and you can see a list of all of your markers on the timeline and easily jump to them by clicking on them in this list.

This is easy and basic stuff but slightly different to how markers used to work. This is much improved.

The second half of the video focuses on adding markers on beat to music and editing to that beat. Again, I’m used to using markers for this, but just getting the processes and shortcuts right should help my editing speed significantly.

Press M to add on the beat while listening to the music, obviously. Then when time to edit, N turns on snapping (that one you should know by heart already!).

S for skimming. Shift + S to disable audio skimming.

Snap to a marker and hit “i” for inpoint, snap to the next marker hit “o” for outpoint, select a clip above and hit “q” to insert it.

Ahh I didn’t know Command+Option+down arrow lets you cycle through clip views on a clip!

Interesting, so he started this video with the song on the main storyline, added the markers, and then the video clips were connected clips. If you select all of those video collected clips and hit Option + Command + down arrow, you can move the selected clips down to the main storyline and bump the audio clip back down to where you normally would find an audio clip. The blank spots in video are filled in automatically by “gap clips”. The gap clips are useful because they will be easy to replace by looking at a clip above and then hitting Option + R.

Let’s see if I retain any of that after typing 800 words about 2 5 minute vids lol.

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