$850 computer part haul… ugh

Ok, so I’ve been a negotiating monster lately, and I came across a listing last night where I knew I could get a bundle deal…and once the deal was together, I knew I had to grab it and build my “dream pc” that should be a powerhouse well into 2019!

Total-ish value…~$1600+ give or take a few bucks.

So…do i buy a ryzen for that X370 board and have a monster setup, or look for an intel processor + motherboard?

I just need a power supply, processor, and case, essentially.

And since most graphics carsds out now are 2016 tech, I can just save for the next generation of cards if/when they ever come out, and just get by with the 970 or a rx570 or rx580. Keep it below $250 on the video card front for a while.

Anyway…a few parts left and hopefully I can finish this off soon.

EDIT: I have to rework how lists look on this theme, and actually do a lot of work on this theme coming up anyway. This was good for early 2017 but time to level up.

Also, I’m excited because having a really fast computer will eliminate a lot of  possible excuses in my head. I really tried to do motion graphics on my old macbook pro and it couldn’t handle it. I rendered a few things that took like 6 minutes a frame…no wonder the battery swelled up lol.

Now i have this i3-7100 system I got for $300 (“the normie”) which can turn into a hackintosh easily, but i just use it mostly in linux and it’s really empowered me. It’s such a weak little office computer right now, but it’s the best computer I’ve ever had by far.

I know I can do a lot more with a monster computer. I tried to do a modest like i3 to i5 upgrade on “the normie”, but everyone stood me up or was shady. This guy who was selling the bundle above, is like a middle aged enthusiast that builds pc’s with glowing led’s for his whole family. He was awesome. He was showing me videos of all of his builds. Personally, I hate led’s and I have too many of them around already incidentally, but he loves them and it was great. All of his systems are intel and his friend that wanted a ryzen build backed out – so these are the parts from it. He is taking the money and adding more custom cooling to his intel build haha. This is male culture y’all, and I’m deep in it now.

Alright, i have an eye exam to get to and then i have to find these last parts. Later.

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