A $70 Hackintosh!?! Ok, this may be in my budget.

Do all universities offer $30 5-year old i5 computers?

Even a desktop like this with a card like a 750ti would smoke my current old macbook pro when it comes to rendering video. And at least would serve as an amazing backup or separate computer if I had to render 2 projects at once.

There’s also a huge lesson in this video: be clever about how you acquire the resources you need. He knew that SSD’s that fail can be brought back to life so he got one for $5. HUGE TIP! I need to keep this on my brain and think about places in my life where I can use opportunities like this.

One comment on “A $70 Hackintosh!?! Ok, this may be in my budget.

  1. Ryan Bollenbach on

    Lol, that’s epic, $70!? That’s insane.

    It would be a fun project to build a hackintosh box.

    I’m surprised he was able to play games and edit videos too.

    A lot less power is needed for web design!


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