A few recent domain pickups and weekend plans etc.

It’s friday night at 9:53, but i’ve been doing this on and off bi-phasic sleep thing lately so I have a few hours of work left in me tonight. And I’m wasting that energy on blogging…no…this is helpful, and for whatever reason I feel like being public and transparent. I have things to work on tonight like fixing mobile padding on one of my new sites about to launch, etc. Fun and exciting stuff to me and me only.

Ok, domain pickups:

Kiibo.com – looks kind of good right? That could be a logo on a gadget or kid’s toy or clothing company or so many things. It already sold in 2015(!) on the website BrandBucket.com according to the former seller’s post on Namepros.com, so it’s pretty cool to get my hands on a brand that has already been sold once before.

Meetive.com – This seems to have been a company before, and again, if I can get a domain that has passed the test before, I want it. This one also has many applications; the “meet” root word is great for anything from b2b corporate whatever to dating.

EasyThemes.com – I’ve done OK flipping theme and “wp” domains (you can’t use “wordpress” in a domain because it’s TM and they def. enforce that TM. “wp” is accepted though in the WP community, to my knowledge). I went back and forth on this one, but in the end, this is what clients want. Most WordPress (capitalized correctly) themes are a pain the ass to get set up. People want Easy. Themes. I’ve been taking classes on theme building, and while it’s not in my plans to release a theme or a commercial theme, if that ever does come up, I could always use this domain. I think it’s a good memorable marketing tool.

989game.com – WTF? Ok…while I was bidding on EasyThemes, I noticed this domain with a bid on it. Why? So I checked Namebio… NNNgame.com:

138game.com 554 USD 2018-01-01 DropCatch
591game.com 160 USD 2017-11-04 DropCatch
115game.com 174 USD 2017-10-29 DropCatch
798game.com 958 USD 2017-09-10 DropCatch
126game.com 200 USD 2016-06-25 GoDaddy

The two that went the highest on that list… have an 8 at the end. Mine has an 8 in the middle (so it’s worse, but better than no 8), but it has a nice little pattern. And it doesn’t have a 0 or a 4, which is good! Confused? Yeah…I know… ~$40…I might make an easy flip to double or triple my money. This is more of an educational experiment in a time when I should not be risking money like this, but I’ve come out ahead on these types of things most of the time and if i can flip it in a month or two I will be happy with the little cash flow deal, no doubt.

iyomi.com – IYOMI  (There are a few design/fashion companies called this, and the logos in all caps look really good. Google them. It will make you see what this brand is capable of in the right hands.). Ok, so it’s 5 letters. Starts and ends with the same letter, giving it this really elegant high end visual symmetry. Again, with my budget and this market, I am very psyched to have gotten this and I really want to see this brand in use. This should have went for 2-3x what I paid, but I think everyone was looking for a deal at once, and I got the deal.

ksef.org – look…it’s been registered since 1996. That’s basically my reason. I like old internet. Minimum bid at auction. I’ve had several LLLL.org over the years and for the most part have made maybe 3x on my very very meager investments. I’d like to see this in use. There are a few companies that use these letters and I hope I can cut a deal with one. If it was registered since 2015 instead of 1996, I wouldn’t have bought it.

Centivo.com – I sold a few domains this year that I thought would be perfect for a cryptocurrency company or ico or whatever, and this is one that I put in that category. I’m thinking crypto micropayments. Looking for offers in the 4-5 Bitcoin (also accepting ETH) range right now for it. It’s been registered since 2004. Probably working on a custom landing page for this one over the weekend and then hopefully letting the crypto community know early next week.

OmHaus.com – ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. This dropped today and if I ever open a health and wellness ecommerce store or something, here you go. Or a yoga studio. Or any mindful and healthy and positive brand. Glad to have been able to register this. Dynadot still has $6.99 .com’s by the way, if you see anything you like on the drops (i check expireddomains.net usually).


Grand total – 8 names for $229.35. Very happy.


So now I have to redo NameVantage.com to reflect this portfolio refresh. The current site is from last may and i did it over a few days on Youtube. It’s not…umm…good, but it’s also fine. I coded two refreshes and I lost them both due to some dumb storage issues. My bad. Morning project tomorrow is to get into Figma and figure out the new new direction. Custom landing pages for the featured domains, like Centivo and iyomi, I think, will both help me as a designer and give me stuff to practice, and also convert to strong sales.

And then taxes.

And then something else I’ll talk about when it’s up.

Also, if you’re like startup or hackathon or whatever nerds and aren’t good at naming your stuff, I’m coming up with some weird $499 consulting naming package. I still don’t know exactly what it is, but the first few people will probably get a ton of hands on care while I kind of craft the consulting “product” around these first few projects.

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