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Alright, here we fucking go. I’m going to use this app to blog on more often. I think it will fit my workflow better to have a place to save drafts to. Lately, I’ve just been typing right into wordpress backends, and then skimming it over, and then hitting publish. It feels rushed and I know I’m not doing thoughtful work that way.

The idea to revisit using Desk is also inspired by this article “The System I Used to Write 5 Books and Over 1,000 Blog Posts”.

I was like “oh yeah, I just need to come up with a system.” Systems over goals. You’ll probably outreach your goals if you get the system right.

So my millionth attempt at some sort of blogging resurgence is beginning again. Here are some general updates:

I’m working on my businesses right now so that I can shape a life for myself when I can train jiu jitsu as often as I’d like and dedicate myself to my youtube channel. Like, I need to find an extra $1500+ a month right away, and I’m looking to be making more like $12k a month more as soon as possible so I can hire someone else. Can I do that in MONTHS? I have to.

Beyond that, if I’m going to be blogging (and vlogging/youtubing), i have to make this site,, actually represent who i am, link to my work, etc. Right now it’s just a vehicle to help me build a habit (which has gotten me to this point, so I’m happy – still forward momentum). So I’m going to redesign the theme, and I will vidcap myself while I’m working on it, and if anything happens where it’s like, oh, let me explain how I used foundation 6 to quickly build this part of the theme… Or how I customized some woocommerce thing…

…why would i share a video of that? Who cares? I dunno…somebody? Less than 100 people watch my videos so there is no reason for me not to experiment. Let’s start there. Beyond that, though, if I am breaking down basic online business principles, showing people how to make wordpress sites from scratch, sharing lessons and concepts that I’ve learned from years of working online, etc…maybe I can help someone. Or inspire someone to do something. Or someone will help me!

Also, teaching something makes you have to learn it and think about it in a way where you can actually explain it to someone else so they can understand it. In my last video, I was having trouble doing that. As I practice, by making more videos, I will understand the subjects that I’m explaining infinitely better. These are all very positive possible outcomes.

The only negative outcome I can think of is realizing I should move on to a new idea? That’s fine. 100 people watch my videos and only a few hundred read my tweets and tens read this blog.

I need to publish more and I need to upload more videos. These are two musts. I will figure it out. I’m have a decent sense of intuition. I will trust it.

I have to work on this blog theme starting tomorrow. All I have to do is make the blog posts readable, and include the most minimal and obvious version of the info I talked about above. Everything else can be added/fixed/updated later. Then I can start tweeting out articles too and at least get the benefit of people starting to recognize me and my stuff. Building any sort of name recognition in any community would be a huge start for me right now.

That felt good to say all of that “out loud.”

Hopefully people are into some of the things that I’m coming out with in the near future, which, if successful, will help me work on things that I really hope to be working on. It’s a process. Jiu Jitsu has taught me a lot about self evaluation and learning how to learn better. And when I do a real self evaluation, I’m a blue belt, and even a white belt, in almost all aspects in my life (except sex stuff…black belt there). I’m not a master of anything. So that leaves me so much room for self improvement.

I’m really happy I moved to Portland.

– Bobby

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