All day i dream about hackintoshes

Please lord jesus, son of joseph, lamb of god(?), deliver me the strength to finish my damn Hackintosh. Is that how praying works?

Ok, strength isn’t the issue. For much of 2016, the future of Hackintosh’ing looked bleak. For parts to work in a Hackintosh, Apple has to release new computers with similar new parts and then people hack away at making similar retail parts work under OSX. But Apple hasn’t been releasing new upgradeable computers! So up until last month, until Nvidia sort of dropped a surprise announcement (and basically announced they are supporting hackintoshes lol), their latest 1000 series Pascal weren’t even working AT ALL on Macs!

Thank you Nvidia.

And Apple felt the pushback against the Macbook Pro Touchbar crap and the lack of new pro computers, and they have vowed to give people what they want…which is seemingly great for the future of Hackintoshes.

But now I’m left with this $ dilemma. What GPU to get for my Hackintosh?

My primary app that I need power for is Final Cut Pro X. It loves AMD GPU’s. The AMD RX480 (amazon affiliate link), which is about a $200-$270 graphics card, has been hacked to MOSTLY work with OSX, and it smokes on FCPX! SMOKES.

But it behaves like a $270 graphics card for most other tasks. Which is not baaaaad… It still smokes almost everything else Apple has ever put in a mac, actually! But like I said, it MOSTLY works. There are reported crashes, and they are reportedly in FCPX.

The other big GPU option I’m considering is Nvidia’s flagship 1080 ti card (amazon affiliate link), a $700 beast. For most uses, it will really perform significantly better than the AMD RX480. It won’t be close. But for FCPX, it IS close, with the RX480 maybe winning…but with the 1080 it, it will behave like a $700 card on everything else other than Final Cut Pro for me. So if I’m rendering in Cinema 4D (which I don’t currently own a copy of yet), I will probably see huge gains.

9 to 5 mac just built one with a 1080 ti, and it would be such a perfect setup for me!

If you’re too lazy to read, here’s the video:

The case being soundproof is not something I had considered before, but that will make a huge difference in my little studio apartment. I’m definitely going with some faster M2 storage, tho.

Not sure what to do about this GPU decision. $450, the average difference between an RX480 and a 1080ti, is a lot of money. I have a few weeks to worry about it as I’m dead broke, but I need a faster rendering machine. My old laptop won’t cut it anymore.

If you want to see how they installed OSX on this system, here’s the article and I’ll just embed the video, as well (but read both of the linked articles, they are really good!).

Having a machine like this to render my videos will probably save me a minimum of 45 minutes a day if I keep making videos. I’m trying to do a lot of things…these efficiencies add up.

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