An October to remember

Nevermind, abandoning my post idea…Studying linux instead. I’m trying to do 30 days of 1 hour of studying linux every morning and also jump on this 30 days of css that I saw on youtube that I’m behind on. But I started them both yesterday on oct 1st. If i can stick to those two things I’ll see huge gains.

For Linux, I’m starting at this playlist to relearn some of the foundations. I only installed Manjaro in September ’17 for the first time; i’m a noob (but i also should know way more by now). This should get me through the week and then next week I can see what book or course or project to turn to:

Here’s the CSS in 30 days playlist:

Seems to cover a lot.

Anyway, let me finish up my linux stuff and then get back to work.

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