Ashtanga Primary Practice Day 12

It’s new years’ eve, so i wanted to go easy. I decided to do this sun salutation practice by kino macgregor.

Probably the deepest I’ve gone into most of these poses. She’s one of the best teachers and I picked up so many new little details I don’t get from a lot of faster videos. Details about how to flex parts of your body, when to relax them, about your breathing, your inner-focus, your gaze, etc. This is the first time where I felt more confident connecting all of those things, because sun salutations are becoming more to me. Great positive philosophical lessons in this too about grit and perserverance and pushing yourself. Discipline. Importance of a self practice.

Up until now I’ve been mostly doing about 30-45 minute videos. I think starting this week I’ll try an hour+ one once a week as well. But my shoulders are pretty dead after 45 minutes as it is.

Kino says that sun salutations are a complete practice in themselves, so I don’t feel like I’m skimping doing just this part. I feel like I’m learning it more deeply, committing it to mental and then muscle memory, so I can focus and benefit further from the meditative and calming power of yoga.

Also one last thing that amazes me, is when yoga instructors can be like soften your face and you realize oh wow I am really tightening my face right now. Or in this one, Kino said something to the effect of “right about now is when people might start to zone out. this is when you are supposed to zone in. yoga is about zoning in, not out.” She was right, I was zoning out right then.

Anyway, new weekly practice + another 20-30 minute video if I want to work on something in particular and have more energy. And 1 hour+ video a week.

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