Back back back. Redesign slightly postponed!

Ok…I’m working on “systems” and processes and whatnot, and finally I’m coming up with and designing some baseline”components” for my sites that I can just add to a JointsWP/Foundation project and get it up and running.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get to this point for a while.

So I’m making a sandbox-joints project on my local development server and starting to work on the 2 or 3 header setups I expect to use as basic components or templates for my projects.

Obviously I’m also just biting off of these foundation “building blocks”.

There’s one on there I used for most of my footers, but it was using the older Foundation grid, so I updated it a bit for my projects.

I guess my other inspiration was thinking about BEM for Beginners on Smashing Magazine. I just feel like I can design some good variations to use on most of my projects, and then hopefully just have to add some modifier style css to them to make them unique to the specific project they are for.

Not 100% sure this will work for me or be productive, but I’m about to attempt this with headers. I had a header I really like on my internal build, and the header for my namevantage build needs a similar starting point. So…I’m coding the blank / template version of that layout in this new sandbox-joints project, and then I should be able to use that component anywhere and just start modifying it from the working basic design.

At the same time, I have to be adding all of these components I make to Figma. That way, I can really design and build things quickly.

So yeah, launches of things delayed the slightest bit while I explore making these components tonight and tomorrow and see where I’m at.

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