Back on my dear diary… Macbook died, Grinding, Conor Post-Fight

Damnit! On Thursday I decided to rearrange my room, and somehow I had a premonition that something was going to happen to my MacBook Pro. When I plugged in my frayed power cable, it wouldn’t start. Pulled it apart to see if it was the power button or the logic board.

It was the board…

As a result, I’ve had to learn like 50 new things in the past 2 days to get my WordPress setup up and running on Linux. Every step is like, “Ok, what do I do NOW?”

It feels good, though. If I haven’t been pushing myself bootcamp style to keep learning new things over the past few months, I would not have been able to pull it off.

Definitely feeling more resilient and able to dig down and be gritty. (I know that’s a weird way to describe learning computer software.)

Now, Conor:

This post fight interview is exactly the type of mindset they help develop at my BJJ gym. (I haven’t been there for 2 months, sadly.)

Radical self assessment.

As his Coach John Kavanagh says, “Win or Learn” (the title of his book – amazon affiliate link).

You can either be down about your L’s, or you can learn from them and take it to the next fight.

And for the next fight, I  better sync my Google Drive every night! If i had just done that, it would have saved me 25 hours of work.

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