Zac Gordon – WooCommerce Theme Development WooConf Talk Notes

Youtube recommended this Zac Gordon video at WooConf in Seattle. Awesome video!

And actually a great litmus test to see if you really get the file structure and basic hooks and filters that you may commonly encounter when theme’ing woocommerce…what makes it a good litmus test? They didn’t record the screen!

Can you follow along without seeing?

Some big takeaways for me –

1. Learn the Template Heirarchy
2. Learn Hooks – actions + filters

Stuff I forgot to work on all together:
/checkout/thankyou.php   — set up post-sales process
email + testing email

Disregarded things he sees often (that give away it’s woocommerce):
– buttons
– notices
– account area (i must remember to edit this!)

Plug in to learn – query monitor

Query Monitor

figure out ways to display all hooked in stuff! it exists.

“you create the sexiest, most natural sites that make you feel good.”

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