Daily yoga. Daily 3+ hours reading?

The yoga thing feels ingrained already. It’s a habit.

Today I only did sun salutions, basically, after doing some leg workout this morning that wore me out faster than I had expected. I usually try to practice yoga sometime in the mid-day, to split my day and give me an extra energy boost; also, a mental reset.

Today was later than normal because I’ve been plowing through a book called Lincoln’s Melancholy. I mean, I guess I’m depressed…?

When I get through that book, which is also igniting my desire to start reading poetry, I want to re-read Pia Mellody’s “The Intimacy Factor: The Ground Rules for Overcoming the Obstacles to Truth, Respect, and Lasting Love“. I already read this in mid 2015 ,but maybe there’s something in there that will help me relate to other people again.

I also have 100+ other books I want to read asap, so I have to make it a daily practice like yoga. I’m fucking glad I don’t have a tv. I need to cut down on twitter and youtube, though, to get through the pile of books. Hopefully in the spring I can get back to the east coast and retrieve my other collection of mostly unread books (and design books, which i miss so much). My last visit to the east coast didn’t go that well, however.

Book links = affiliate links, btw.

I’ve only had conversations with 2 humans in the past month, btw. 2.

The first, back in December, was someone i messaged on OkCupid. She asked me to call her at like 2am, and I did, and she was actually amazing. We were going to hang out around Christmas and I ghosted her. I’m fucked up.

The second was with the woman that cut my hair the other day. I can never tell if people that talk to me when they are doing their jobs actually like me or are, you know, just doing their jobs. But she was cool, too.

Tomorrow I’m doing a random short little job in Vancouver, Washington. I’ve only been there for a minute to help someone pick up furniture once, so I’m happy to get out of the state and check it out a little, even though we’re only talking about a 15 minute trip.

Anyway, back to work. I’ve got some websites to publish.

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