Domain pickups late April / Early May

It’s very difficult to find good domains right now. I was outbid in 4 auctions this morning and I just have to let go when the prices go too high.

I also had some names that I won recently get renewed before they hit my account.

But anyway here’s what I’ve got since the last few…!!! – a lot of dog breeders use [geographiclocation][dogbreed].org, but here is a chance for someone to own the whole breed! – This one has been registered since 1999 and used to be a blog about my old neighborhood, Greenpoint, Brooklyn! and are taken by some company that customizes business jets, but this name is hopefully going back to serve Greenpoint, BK in some way…or maybe a wealthy real estate developer for those waterfront condos that everyone loves. – Seems to be “credit” in Lithuanian. Several german sites with “kredit” developed on .de. It just spoke to me and I wanted it. Registered since 2008. Did I overpay (you can see it on namebio)? We’ll see…, – I’m looking for good, short, brandable .tv’s. I mean…it’s too hard to find ANYTHING to buy so this is where I’m digging a bit, I guess. – This used to be an active site – it should have some incoming links, a little bit of traffic, etc. Everyone on namepros is going crypto domains crazy so might as well scoop a few and spin the roulette wheel or whatever gambling analogy you want to make. – I feel like i see a lot of dudes saying stuff like this on youtube. Was a nice little scoop on namepros. – I bought one of my old domains back! I wanted to develop this years ago and my ex talked me out of it, saying “i could do better.” (what?) Anyway, now I regret not doing it and wish I developed this into a parody site about masculinity like I had planned. It’s never too late, i guess. Also like, I priced it in case a gay pornographer has some ideas and wants it.

Last night I won 9 .biz domains for like $400. I’m not sure if they will hit my account or not, but I will update them on the next pickup list. But yeah, it’s just so hard finding .com’s that I’m trying to scoop the best one words in other extensions right now. .biz is VERY LOW on the list of other extensions, so I may regret this move, but I don’t think I will. I’ve sold several before and I’m ahead on the extension overall. But yeah…don’t be me…

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