Don’t get a studio apartment if you have misophonia

I LOVE my apartment, except for one little fact; I can’t hide. If the guy above me wants to open and slam his drawers closed for 3 hours straight (common, for some reason), there is no where for me to go. If he wants to have a little kid over that seems to play fetch with him(? what…can you think of another activity to do with your kid?), there is nowhere for me to hide.

If I had a 1 bedroom apartment, I could go to the bedroom if shenanigans were taking place in the living room. Or the opposite; if he wanted to be loud in the bedroom, i could go chill on the couch.

The way buildings are constructed, most of the apartments stacked on top of each other have the same exact layout. So if he wants to watch some shitty DC move through a subwoofer, I get to hear a constant earthquake right above me.

So yeah – just wanted to put this out there for anyone else that suffers from a heightened fight or flight (or many other horrible and painful emotions) from various sounds. Don’t get a studio apartment!

I was holding out for the top floor of this building when the landlord offered me a great deal on this room. Living on the top floor is one solution. I’m also considering renting out the room below me and running a little office/studio space out of it and living up here. That probably won’t happen, but if random money things works out suddenly, it would be a solution. At least I could go down there and think.

But yeah, when my lease is up in 8 months, I’m probably going to have to move on, despite loving every other thing about this place.

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