Don’t know what else to write or video about – I eat sleep and defecate wordpress rn.

I’m trying to solve my balance issues.

Oh, as far as physical balance issues go, I feel good, btw. 2 years of yoga + jiu jitsu + having a standing desk and randomly doing 1 leg balancing things all day has worked wonders. I don’t know why I felt the need to share this, but it’s my blog. And maybe a symbolic callback someday when i get my shit together. We’ll see.

I got worried over the past 3 weeks, while I was skipping jiu-jitsu to work on nothing but wordpress, that maybe I can only do one thing at once. Before it was jiu-jitsu it was reading nonstop (which I’ve fallen off of greatly. Back to 2 books a month). And somewhere in there it was Youtube videos.

But I think I can do those all. And more.

I need to get REALLY GOOD AT TIME BLOCKING. Fuck. Maybe i need to color code things? Give things a certain time of day? Certain days? Weekends only?

Left brain. Right brain. Left brain. Right brain.

That’s the thing. How do you switch between technical and artistic things and not feel scrambled? Deep focus on one thing and then deep focus on another is impressive. Multi-company ceo’s like Elon Musk and like Jack Dors… maybe that’s not the best example. 🙂 kidding.

The thing is, I want to balance all of those things + grow and run my businesses. So revenue from somewhere new is of utmost importance, which is why my wordpress and woocommerce learning and projects have taken a top priority.

And on the verge of releasing a few new things, I’m happy I took that route. I have faith in myself right now. Even if I “win” on the smallest level, I will be ok. And anything over that I think I will be able to hire someone. So hoping for good stuff to happen.

Deep focus + work is good though. I’m a huge Cal Newport fan (check out his book Deep Work Amazon Affiliate Link). He’s probably one of the reasons that I can get a 9 and 1/2 hours now Rescue Time in a day.

It’s just the balance + switching from thing part that I have to learn to navigate.

Tools I’m using:

Trello, Google Calendar, Notebooks + Pens, 5 colors of post it notes. Naps. Coffee. Bananas (wish i had watermelon). CBD. Neuro Sonic drinks. Herbal tea. Music (ambient). Shower followed by 30 seconds of ice cold water as described in this video:

Any ideas or methods you want to share, please DO.

Deep practice maybe. I guess the physical balance took a long time, too. There’s that callback.

Oh yeah, writing this post. Just doing a brain dump really helped me switch gears. I feel way better now.

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