Finally getting my little baby studio together

I got (matte red…wtf) JBL LSR305 monitors today.

I ordered a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 interface (I came to Portland with an Apogee Duet Firewire but Apple has since discontinued their firewire drivers).

I’m rocking Blue Encore 200 mics (for vlogs/podcast/voice over/etc. Condenser mics would pick up too much noise in this room, and when I tested these, I really loved the sound for the money. Also, Marc Maron uses these for his remote podcasts, so they’re good enough for him… One note – they do have a lot of handling noise so I’m going to be looking for some sort of isolation mount because my standing desk does transmit low frequence rumbles, for sure. Hopefully they will fit in a Shure a55m mount, which should do the trick).

The last pieces of the puzzle are to finish off my hackintosh sometime next week and maybe add monitor arms to my desk so i can free up a little more deskspace, but that can wait.

Fucking psyched right now.


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