First half of January Domain Updates

Had a few small sales this month, and one decent one – Pretty sure I sold that to the Youtuber FouseyTube, who I believe let it expire a few years ago. Got $1888 for it. Paid $29 at an expiring auction on June 19th, 2016. I knew it was a decent 6 letter brand, but saw the value for FouseyTube immediately (i did not know that he ever owned it, at the time). This is why it pays to invest in your expertise! I’m a Youtube fanatic.

(Off-topic: one of my friends from Australia asked me for a side-hustle idea today. I said that I don’t know Australia’s needs or markets, but there has to be SOMETHING that they can be buying and flipping, especially since they are more internet savvy than the average person. I gave the example that if I had the space and a vehicle here in Portland, I could be buying outdoor gear at thrift stores and yard sales and flipping it on ebay or craigslist for an extra $1k a month. She said that she didn’t know about anything, though. I replied that nobody knows anything when they are first starting out. Go deep. Learn your niche.)

Anyway, here are some of my pickups from this week. I found a few sellable domains that I could actually afford at expiring auctions. I had A LOT of big misses in the past 3 week. Barely got anything that I wanted. Spent $129.93 on these 7 domains:

  • – Engine rev? Revenue? This is a damn pronounceable 5 letter domain. Very happy with this. Someone can build a brand with this.
  • – Great name for an agency, consultancy, or software as a service (SaaS) product.
  • – Not the best 5 letter .com out there, but I’ve been selling a lot of mine lately, so I thought I would stock up. Some people on Facebook and LinkedIn seem to have this name, and also the ever trusty (…) Yahoo Answers says it means something in Japanese! Yoi apparently means “ok” and the “ka” makes it a question.
  • – So WordPress protects their trademark, and WP has been the defacto way to build a WordPress company without violating that trademark. I’ve sold a few other “WP” domains before very quickly, and this one has a cute little ring to it for a community site.
  • – Another great name for an agency or SaaS product that I couldn’t pass up.
  • – Some of the best experiences in VR are the trippy visuals that take you out of the real world. This obviously isn’t a massively commercial name by any means, but I know the right artist or company will make something amazing with this. Most people won’t invest in names they don’t think they will get less than $2k for or something… I’m cool with getting $199 for this name and seeing it in use.
  • – I only grabbed this one because I saw it was already published on BrandBucket, which usually costs $10. So it’s like a scratch off lotto ticket for me. I’ll talk about BrandBucket more when my videos start dropping, but I weighed the opportunity and will take a flyer on this name for a year and see what happens.

Yesterday, I noticed that good ol’ Dotster was having another $1.99 domain registration sale… I don’t really have time to mine fresh drops, so I just scanned some of my old lists I had in Evernote and grabbed what I could. These are real scratch off lottery tickets. I also had some coupon code, so I ended up spending $45.64 on this entire lot:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As you can see, I wasn’t too discriminating. Most of these are names that I’ve passed over before, but at the minimum, I believe I will make 4x my money on this lot. I feel like I did a lot better with my other 2 handreg sprees back in November.

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