Half Baked Idea – Broken Law / Loophole Report Website

This is a very half baked idea, so no specifics, but if I ever run for office I’m building this and showing it off and it will get me elected – for the people.

Ok, basically it’s a discussion app/webapp/website like reddit or a forum (but different), and the “posts” (that are different from posts) are all basically laws that someone out there has found to be inefficient or have a loophole or just be plain bad.

And then the crowdsource work goes into action. Hopefully people looking up case law and adding it, any other research, etc.

Maybe there needs to be a voting system for them to even get to that point.

I don’t know. I just think it can be a great act of collectivization and a way to offer each other assistance to help un-corrupt our entire society. Very half baked.

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