How did the new Apple Mac announcements affect Hackintoshes?

To catch up: Arstechnica posted Stuff to know about all the Macs Apple updated this week.

Basically you’re talking about a bump to Intel 7 series processors (which are really 6 series with a few add-ons, as Intel is way behind their original timeline right now). Also, the AMD RX 400 series GPU’s are now called the 500 series. Again, same tech and architecture. A small 10%-ish bump and a few small new features.

Are these changes good for Hackintoshers, tho? YES! Those parts were not easy to use before. You had to do extensive ID spoofing, etc, to trick the OS into thinking it was an older part. Now (or soon), they are NATIVE!

And now Apple sells these VR dev kits. A supported GPU over thunderbolt 3?!? Yes, others have done this for about a year (amazon only has a few in stock – affiliate link. The akitio node is probably the best one.). Razor kind of started it off with the Razor Core back in 2015.

But, this used to be a trainwreck on the mac.

And now, as you can see above, it pretty much works (in a beta version of High Sierra OS, coming out this fall).

Unfortunately for me, I’m still broke af and also the RX580’s are completely out of stock everywhere (0r overpriced) because everyone is buying them for crypto mining right now. $280 cards are going for $800 on Amazon. Oof. (whereas the whole thunderbolt 3 dev kit from Apple is only $599! w/ the card and chassis).

If you’re rocking a thunderbolt 3 mac and are in need of some extra GPU power, definitely consider this route in the future.

But yeah, 7th gen Intel KabyLake processors should start working soon if you’re building a system. If you want the best processor you can possibly get in an iMac right now, check out the Intel 7700k¬†(amazon affiliate). People easily overclock these to 4.6-4.8ghz on Hackintoshes, so it will obviously STILL beat the newest iMac by 10% or so.

I will be moving future hackintosh posts off of this blog and onto a proper tech blog someday, once I get $ to actually build a new one. I just wanted to render things quickly! I just wanted to update on the current state of things.

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