How I Learned To Eat Cheap And Easy Vegetarian Food

If you have money to eat out everyday and eat healthy, that’s awesome. This is not for you. I have friends that eat domino’s or pizza hut a few days a week. This is for them. ALSO, this is only for single people. I don’t know how to calculate costs for a family. I will tackle that when I get there, someday.

Every cent I have goes into my businesses or books (and weed). Idgaf. I’m bootstrapping and sometimes there is just no money to go spend $50 a day on eating out (I COULD save a few hundred $$$ if I hosted this site and my others on cheaper servers, for example. Not negotiable for me,tho).

People talk about how hard it is to “eat healthy” for cheap, etc, so I just thought I’d share how I eat.

Whenever I have to slow down spending for a few weeks, I’d switch into this eating mode, but now even when I have cash, this is pretty much all I need to sustain myself. I’m putting money elsewhere.


2 servings of oatmeal with protein, about 3 squares of dark chocolate melted into the oatmeal(for more calories + antioxidants + it’s candy…yum), a serving of GOOD JUICE (naked, bolthouse farms, odwalla, anything that isn’t pasteurized in the milk section. You want this from the vegetable section).

Total cost of Breakfast – ~$2 for ~700 calories, tons of protein, tons of fiber, not too much sugar, decent nutritional value.

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less than $18 for 36 packs of oatmeal w/ 10 grams of protein  You can spend less than $18 right now to eat for the next 18 days…add chocolate and juice. Obviously if you have more time and money you make a healthier variation of this, but this is much better than most choices people make for breakfast.


These are generally interchangeable for me. A protein (veggie burger, fake chicken, fake sandwich meat, etc.) and a side of rice or quinoa or couscous, and a tiny salad. EASY and cheap.

For example, 4 pack of veggie burgers is generally $4-$5. You will usually find the more exotic the flavoring, the less protein it has. I don’t know why they do this, but it doesn’t matter. They’re all better for you than the alternatives, imo.

Buy bread with grains and seeds that appeals to your taste/sandwich making. You can usually find a loaf on sale for $3 or less and not have to settle for bread with corn syrup, etc. Definitely step up to mid-grade here.

A pack of veggie cheese is usually like $4 for 10 slices. These usually have 50 calories, very little nutritional value, but they do taste like the real thing and make your food generally more enjoyable. My veggie burgers and sandwiches blo2 my mind with every bite, so I’m not skimping on this fake cheese.

Last, go to the little organic salad section and they will have those little plastic tubs of pre-washed salad for anywhere from 2/$5 to $5 each. Hopefully they are on sale this week. Get some DARK GREEN salad. Not light green. Baby spinach + kale 1/2 and 1/2. Mixed green. Asian green. They have all sorts of names, but you want the dark stuff…no iceburg.

Any of the sides that I mentioned – couscous, quinoa, brown rice – these are usually well under $3 and can be split into two servings usually.

So we’re talking about $1.50 in sandwich/protein, $1.50 in side and salad here – Again – 700 calories-ish.

Related Amazon Links:
Near East Wild Mushroom & Herbs Couscous Mix – $1.98 right now. You literally boil water and then just mix and cover it. Easiest 10 minutes you will ever spend in front of a stove. You can use this as a bed for the salad, too

3 meals like this gets you to your 2000 calories, but I work out and usually I’m still hungry.

So what else can I eat to fill me up during the day?

Snack 1

EZ. Slice of bread + almond butter (or use peanut butter) + banana. Here’s a quick 300+ calories for post or pre workout. If i worked out hard, I will grab one of these Kind Healthy Grain Bars (link to amazon – less than $1 each) and spread a thin layer of almond butter on that too. So now I’m up to 500 calories of this snack. Compare this to eating 2 donuts or a starbucks drink which are both about 500 calories.

Snack 2

Imma stay snackin. Also have salsa on hand. Salsa is magic because if your rice or quinoa or whatever is too bland, just dump some salsa on it and suddenly you have a way more interesting dish. But yeah, get some good quality tortilla chips. A can of black beans. Avocado. Hummus is another $3. Organic baby carrots are like 99 cents – $1.99.

Meal 4?

I eat 4 meals… and i weigh 155 lbs (5’11”).

For this, I keep things like organic ramen, Amy’s soups, or Amy’s chili in the pantry. The chili in particular is a monster meal (again, dip chips in this if you want).

Amazon Links
Amy’s Vegetarian Chilli with some fake meat stuff and 32g of Protein! less than $3
Organic rice ramen 10 pack – $13
– Koyo brand ramen – but not clear to me which are legit on Amazon. Not linking.

Listen – none of this shit takes me more than 20 minutes to prepare. I’m eating close to 3000 non shitty calories a day. And it’s cheap.

I’m not telling anyone to do this – i’m just showing you that it’s EASY. You can probably carve off a few dollars and make this much healthier, but I’m aiming for the perfect balance that fits my life right now. I’m in the best shape of my life. The strongest that I’ve ever been. And it’s pretty easy to stock my pantry for $100 and know I’ll be eating for a few weeks.


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