I Have 4 Email Addresses Now And I’ve Never Felt Better

Bogging from my phone before bed. The WordPress app on Android is fantastic.

The way my brain works is that once I identify a problem in my life I try to craft an argument that tricks myself into fixing the problem.

I used to use one email adress,my personal email, for almost everything in my life . At least 90% of my work used to go to my personal email. 

I believed this was convenient. If I could pull it off, why not? Solopreneur life yolo Yoko .

Well, now I have 4 email boxes and got 95% of my work out of my personal email box. (Why only 95%? Because I use 2 factor auth on my personal account and I will still use it in ways for account recovery or verifications. In the unfortunate event that one of my other accounts gets snatched, you would still need this 2factor auth personal account to REALLY take anything.)

This 4 email box thing ended up being a solution to a few problems in my life.

I’ll just mention the security thing again here. In early summer I had someone trying to social engineer their way into my life. I wrote about it on another blog but now that’s deleted. It is dramatically harder for my life to fall apart because of one customer service representative’s mistake with 4 email fail safes built into my life. 

Shit can go wrong still, but it won’t be because I was neglectful.

But moving on from that, believing that mixing my work email in the same inbox as like home depot daily deals and emails from your parents about some technology thing they shouldn’t have bought in the middle of your work day could be productive is so stupid. 

And as a result of this change I spend sooooo much less time checking email now! More email boxes = Spend less time in my email boxes. That sounds so counter intuitive. 

So what other problems did this solve? What other lessons did I learn? It’s too late and I can’t tell if this is too long or complete shit. 

I’m happy I started this site. 🇺🇸  🇨🇿 

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