I have to reinstall Windows

Lots of issues with video card installations lately, and I just want to start from scratch. I HATE Windows. Ideally. I’d be able to edit videos in Linux (maybe someday with Davinci Resolve), but I need a working copy of Windows for now I guess fml.

Ok, making a list to myself for stuff to install later.

Davinci Resolve.

Reason 10

OBS Studio






Visual Studio

My audio plugins. That’s it. Easy.


Focusrite Drivers?
Maybe my Logitech webcam?
Midi controller.

I never install my wacom tablet because I just am in linux mostly and I don’t have any obvious use (or talent) for krita, which is probably a place it would be valuable.

Wow, yeah that’s it. I don’t have anything on Windows except all the software they install or start suggesting to you when you do an update. Ok, biting down on my mouthpiece. Please work.

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