I puked the other day after jiu jitsu class

I had only puked once before after practicing a sport. Some college basketball player that was like 6 inches taller than me and 50 lbs heavier than me kept muscling me down in the post one on one. He would just back into me, basically chuck me to the ground, and then dunk. I lost 11-1. And then puked in the grass. This was like when I was 22 maybe.

This time, my training partner was an ex college football player and he has like 60 lbs on me. Maybe 3 inches. And I had a bad rib for about 2 weeks. You’re supposed to practice with enough resistance so the other person can succeed, but they have to work at it…and in that situation, I had to work pretty damn hard to offer resistance. But it felt great…I just ran out of gas. And then at the end of class, we had 2 minutes worth of drills. I gave it literally all that I had and fought for all 120 seconds. And then immediately ran to the bathroom and puked. Ugh.

Afterwards I talked to one of the coaches and told him I puked.

“In Foundations class?”

“Well, yeah, I was going up against [football player]. At least he told me I was strong, I feel good about that.”

“Jiu Jitsu is the only sport where someone telling you that you are strong can be taken as an insult.”

Huh… I let that comment marinate in my brain for a few days. Maybe I over overexerted myself and expended too much energy and showing that I was strong was not the answer. I thought about how I should strive for technique and efficiency. Can this apply in other areas of my life? Are there other places I’m wasting energy?

Anyway, check out this narrated Rener Gracie video of him rolling with an NFL player.

Obviously I am a beginner…but this looks like the blueprint to me.

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