I want to learn more new things

Jiu-jitsu keeps teaching me HOW to learn and I thought I should make a quick list of things I might want to check out in the near term. Yes, this could have been a personal journal post or something, but I want to inspire others to make their own lists, too, and to take a step towards one of them. JUST START.

I was just looking at prices for singing lessons this morning!

Other things I’m thinking about learning over the next year or two:

  • Mandarin Lessons (took for 3 years earlier. I used to be able to write full paragraphs in characters. i would love to be great at a tough language like this)
  • Czech Lessons (I can speak the language OK but I would love to write)
  • More music lessons in general (keyboard, but also guitar and bass y not)
  • Character Drawing.
  • Painting.
  • Mushroom Picking.
  • Sailing?
  • Unity Engine for VR and gaming dev.
  • Re-learn Cinema 4D. I  really haven’t touched it in years.
  • I need to know WordPress, Woocommerce, Foundation 6, javascript, and the development of these frameworks and libraries inside and out.
  • Become flexible enough to do splits and get my legs behind my head (i can get the legs back there if i bend forward a lot).
  • Learn to cook great vegetarian meals.

There’s more. I just have to get to work now. I think in the end, my biggest goal right now is to define my purpose. Why do I want to know these things? How do they intersect and what can I do with them?

You can begin to understand a subject in a month. Scratch the surface. You can be OK to competent in 2 years.

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