I’m figuring my shit out.

I started reading Ben Horowitz’s “The Hard Thing about the Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers” on Kindle two night ago. Yeah, on Friday night.

And I’m inspired. I know I can sacrifice more and take on harder challenges.

In the past week, I closed down a bunch of my random internet projects – that’s probably how you got to this blog post – I redirected a bunch of my old URL’s here.

I had too many open threads in my life. Some of them were just experiments or things that I wanted to make that never went anywhere. Now I’m trying to focus on some more concrete goals, and it only made sense to consolidate and minimize.

If you liked what you read at the other sites, you will dig what bobby.tv becomes. This is going to be my main focus- in addition to my new Youtube Channel, which you should go subscribe to. Please. 😃

Should people have their own websites/blogs/portfolios/personal branding sites in 2017?

I think so. I can’t believe I haven’t had one until now. (But that has more to do with my own psychopathy than any thing else.)

My internet life mirrored my own real life: nomadic. I went from platform to platform, built up a following of some sort (nothing significant), and then left it. It looks like I am super active on twitter right now but there were definitely times I went 6 months between a tweet of any substance.

And look at the current “platform” landscape – Yahoo wrote off most of their Tumblr acquisition. Vine is closing (not that I posted on Vine, but showing the trend) . Twitter is flailing for life, and who knows who will end up giving it life, and what their future plans may be. I don’t have a facebook or instagram – dumb choices, as those are the two platforms that look like they will endure in the end. At least for now. I do like Snapchat (thebeeobee on snapchat).

My life would be infinitely better if I had spent time building up my own site while I was using any of those above services.

(I also closed my Linkedin last year because their emails were annoying. I will try to continue exist without it.)

Why Bobby.tv? Shouldn’t you be using a .com domain, mr. domain consultant guy?

I couldn’t get the owner of BobbyTV.com to respond to me, but I didn’t try that hard, either. The guy that owned Bobby.co wanted $3500. The .tv registry only wanted ~$330 for this domain. I want to get back into youtube videos anyway, so it fits. I like .tv as an extension, and Hot 97’s Miss Info uses Missinfo.tv.

I guess the lesson is use the best domain you can get within the means you have to get it. It’s never clear cut.

Crazily, I’m also starting a tech site on Tech.Haus in December.

Even reading that statement in this editor, I’m like “what am I thinking?”

But I will share my experiences and hopefully the data will help both domain investors and entrepreneurs decide if they should build businesses on new gtlds. I’m personally leaning towards “probably not”, but I think I have a new gtld that has a chance.

One example of a potential problem: will people know to email me at [email protected] (doesn’t work ) or will they send a ton of emails to [email protected]? That’s potentially disasterous.

And yes, I am continuing to invest in domain names and am looking to expand the consulting side of my business, now that I’m settling in Portland. I will be launching a domain site sometime in November 2016 and believe many of the future services we offer will resonate with entrepreneurs.

I’ve already said a lot in this one opening post.

2016, from Namescon in Vegas, to me finally signing a lease in Portland in September, has been a year of growth and I am finally really getting to know myself. A lot of you have been a part of that. You got to know me within these different sites and communities. Thanks.


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