I’m Vlogging Now

I fired up my OLD Youtube channel to start vlogging, diary style. Some will be edited (so i can practice editing), and some won’t be. Honestly, it’s another one of these things where I’m like “don’t watch yet, i’ll tell you when they’re good.” I just have to hammer away at it until it forms into something.

Anyway, here’s the first one. New one coming this weekend.

Btw, the “Leigh send nudes” thing is just a eye wink to someone who i e-dated like 10 years ago who got me into MMA (and, as my loyal readers know, i just started jiu jitsu, so i want to give her credit for planting that seed.) Also, she let me know I was codependent, which I feel like I’m finally confronting. Hopefully it’s not taken the wrong way. I got nothing but love for 99.9% of the people who have ever been in my life.

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